Andrew Baillie
Financial Controller

Andrew Baillie

Operations and finance

Originally from New Zealand, Baillie “don’t call me Andrew” (who also answers to ‘bro’ for anyone of Kiwi descent), is a well travelled DJ, footballer and martial arts expert who landed himself in London looking after the monies as our Financial Controller. Some of us thought we were pretty well travelled until we met Baillie, who, last time he checked, has visited over 37 countries including a year in Argentina where he learned to speak reasonably good Spanish – muy bien!

When he’s not planning his next trip, Baillie can be found honing his skills as a goalie on the footie pitch or practising Hapkido (we don’t know what it is either, but he has a black belt, so we’re not asking any poky questions…). We also heard he was a pretty good DJ in a former life before he got into finance…although we’re yet to find out his DJ name. Watch this space…

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