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News and Views - security and self-expression

Gill Arnold, 06 Feb 2012

'Hacktivists' intercept British and US police call.

Audio clips were posted on Youtube from the conference call on 17th January regarding investigations into the activity of hackers' including 'Anonymous, Lulzsec, Antisec and other associated splinter groups'.

Later on Friday Anonymous claimed responsibility for an attack on the Boston police website where messages were posted against 'police brutality' in the Occupy Wall Street saga.

The Greek justice ministry was perhaps hit the hardest when its website was replaced with a video of a figure wearing the trademark white mask of the Anonymous collective, proclaiming 'Democracy was given birth in your country but you have killed it.'

It appears that this clip was gained through an audio file attached to an email, rather than involving any compromise to internal security systems. However, the disruptive and anarchic activity of these hackers will no doubt lead to more determined and code-savvy protestors to jump on the Anonymous bandwagon.

With Private Bradley Manning facing life in prison this week for supplying thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks, questions over security, exposure and the internet are becoming ever more pertinent. SOPA and PIPA are dying a death, but how will governments ensure security in an online world which is so open and accessible to quickest and most mischievous hackers?

Self-expression networking – the success of Tumblr

On the plus-side, Tumblr shows us the joys of internet freedom. Tumblr boasts a £500 million empire and generates about 14 billion monthly page views (more than Wikipedia and Twitter). Founded in February 2007 by 19-year-old David Karp (way to make you feel old), it's first accounts specialised in art, media and porn. Since then it's grown, like many things, into a kind of social network. But this is a social network driven by content and appreciation of others' self-expression rather than who you know and how you know them.

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